How reliable are covid-19 lateral flow tests for detecting omicron?

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By Clare Wilson

Lateral travel  tests

Positive and antagonistic accelerated lateral travel tests

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With the omicron variant of the coronavirus connected the rise, regular investigating has go adjacent much important, peculiarly arsenic radical determine whether to socialise during the Christmas period. Here’s everything you request to cognize astir testing.

What is the quality betwixt a lateral travel trial and a PCR test? 

Polymerase concatenation absorption (PCR) tests were the archetypal disposable for spotting the coronavirus. They enactment by detecting the virus’s familial material, and are precise accurate. Then came accelerated tests, besides called lateral travel tests (LFTs). Unlike PCR tests, these observe proteins from the virus, which are contiguous erstwhile idiosyncratic is infectious. Although some statesman with idiosyncratic taking a swab from their chemoreceptor oregon throat, astir PCR tests person to beryllium sent to a laboratory, portion accelerated LFTs tin beryllium completed by the idiosyncratic astatine location and springiness results successful minutes.

Are LFTs little bully than PCRs?

Rapid tests aren’t arsenic bully arsenic PCR astatine detecting the coronavirus due to the fact that PCR tests impact a measurement wherever the familial worldly is multiplied implicit and implicit again, and truthful they tin observe tiny starting amounts. LFTs person nary multiplying stage, and truthful whitethorn miss infections wherever microorganism levels are low.

Can we quantify the difference?

Various studies person enactment the sensitivity of LFTs – successful different words, their quality to observe the microorganism if it is determination – astatine astir 40 to 60 per cent. That sounds unhelpfully low, but it is an unfair measurement arsenic it compares LFTs to PCR tests, which are arguably excessively sensitive, says Irene Petersen astatine University College London. In the weeks pursuing an infection, the cells of the chemoreceptor and pharynx tin clasp fragments of microorganism familial worldly that aren’t infectious, but that tin beryllium amplified by the PCR process, starring to a affirmative result.

Taking this into account, a study successful Liverpool that gave a sensitivity of 40 per cent for LFTs suggests their accuracy is truly much than 80 per cent, according to modelling enactment by Petersen’s team.

If accelerated LFTs are unreliable, what is the constituent of taking one?

“Many radical look to presumption things arsenic either ‘these tests work’, truthful if I get a antagonistic effect past I’m fine, oregon ‘they don’t work’, truthful they’re useless and I won’t fuss utilizing them, whereas the world is thing successful between,” says Hayley Jones astatine the University of Bristol, UK.

People should usage a affirmative effect arsenic a “red light” for stopping a societal activity, but they shouldn’t usage a antagonistic effect arsenic a “green light” to spell up with an enactment that is perchance risky – possibly due to the fact that they person immoderate mild covid-19 symptoms, she says. “If your ‘pre-test’ determination is not to bash the activity, past I would not mostly urge letting a antagonistic effect alteration your mind,” says Jones.

How astir if determination is lone a faint enactment connected an LFT?

That shows microorganism macromolecule is present. “Positive lateral travel trial results tin amusement an highly faint band, which immoderate radical mightiness incorrectly work arsenic a antagonistic trial result,” says Jones. “I deliberation [that] has not been good communicated.”

Why are accelerated LFTs not recommended if idiosyncratic has symptoms? 

The UK authorities recommends that radical usage LFTs lone if they don’t person symptoms, for regular screening oregon connected days erstwhile they are apt to premix with different people. If anyone has symptoms, they should usage the much close PCR tests. But successful practice, galore radical bash usage LFTs if they person symptoms, particularly if they are precise mild oregon are not the “official” covid-19 symptoms.

“You tin person the [virus] proteins whether you person symptoms oregon not,” says Petersen. “The trial doesn’t cognize if you person symptoms.” In fact, astir studies of LFTs suggest they are somewhat more accurate astatine detecting affirmative cases successful radical who person symptoms than successful those who are grounds free.

So is it OK to usage an LFT if I person symptoms?

The important happening to retrieve is that if you person covid-19 symptoms, a antagonistic LFT doesn’t springiness you the all-clear: you inactive request to usage a PCR test. But LFTs for radical with symptoms tin beryllium adjuvant portion they are waiting for a PCR result, particularly if PCR tests are hard to access, arsenic they are astatine the moment, says Petersen.

I’ve heard LFTs don’t observe the omicron variant, is that right?

This isn’t true. Although the omicron variant has more than 30 mutations, the antibodies utilized successful LFTs tin inactive hindrance to the viral proteins. “Initial laboratory validation has determined akin sensitivity to observe omicron compared to delta,” the UK Health Security Agency said past week. Nevertheless, immoderate radical volition get mendacious antagonistic results due to the fact that the test’s sensitivity is comparatively low.

In immoderate reported cases of radical spreading the microorganism aft a antagonistic LFT, they whitethorn person been genuinely antagonistic astatine the clip of investigating and turned infectious a fewer hours later. “It is ever imaginable to trial antagonistic and past spell to positive,” says Al Edwards astatine the University of Reading, UK. Because of this, it is amended to trial conscionable earlier mixing with different people, alternatively than relying connected a antagonistic trial from the time before.

Will we get amended accelerated tests successful future?

Several different kinds of accelerated tests are either successful improvement oregon already available. For instance, a merchandise from a UK steadfast called Intelligent Fingerprinting involves taking a swab from wrong the cheek, which is easier than swabbing the chemoreceptor oregon throat. Another UK steadfast called Aureum Diagnostics is developing an assay wherever radical tin enactment a saliva illustration connected a trial strip. The strips are impregnated with the ACE-2 receptor, which the coronavirus usually binds to erstwhile entering quality cells. But to beryllium useful, immoderate caller trial would person to beryllium arsenic inexpensive and casual to wide nutrient arsenic LFTs, says Edwards. “Where LFTs truly win is their scalability and [ease of] wide manufacturing.”

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